Non-SI unit accepted for use with SI
Name Symbol Quantity Value in SI units
litre L, l volume 1 dm3
103 cm3
10-3 m3


The litre, symbol L or l, is a non-SI unit of volume accepted for use with the SI.

One litre is equal to one cubic decimetre, symbol dm3, or 10−3 m3.

For everyday use, one litre of water has a mass of one kilogram.

SI prefixes can be used with the litre; one millilitre is equal to one cubic centimetre, and one kilolitre is equal to one cubic metre.

1000 nL = 1 µL = 1 mm3
1000 µL = 1 mL = 1 cm3
1000 mL = 1 L = 1 dm3
1000 L = 1 kL = 1 m3